Dinnertime conversation

9 04 2006

Steak and potatoes, a la Caley!I’m not a great cook. I’m not even a mediocre cook. I always overcook meat (out of fear of serving it raw), I always burn the rolls, I’m notorious for leaving out key ingredients, and my menu is pretty much limited to tacos, meatball sandwiches, and The Colonel’s Recipe (not the KFC kind, the Pride and Prejudice kind). But I try, and I’ve certainly gotten better than I was 2 years ago.

Tonight after a not-so-bad dinner Jeff said to me, “I’m glad I got married.” Expecting something mushy about never having to eat a meal alone or something, I asked “Why’s that?” He replied, “Because I would probably be in bad health by the time I reached my 30s if I ate like I did when I was single.”

“So, thanks to your wife, now you poop regularly, huh?”

Jeff responded with a high-five. It’s nice to know I’m good for somethin’.



2 responses

10 04 2006

I always overcook chicken and also have a rather limited repertoire of menu items — although I can make Matzah ball soup, which provides me with my requisite yearly allowance of sodium.

10 04 2006

Doug, sometimes I wish that I was Jewish so that I, too, could eat Matzah ball soup. Ooh, and potato latkes! Mmm…

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