“Me want cookies!”

6 04 2006

cookie monster ethanSo we had a little bit of a scare with Ethan tonight. Don’t worry- he’s fine now. It happened after he finished his dinner, when he was inhaling his favorite food- an Arrowroot teething cookie. If he had it his way, he would eat teething cookies for all his meals. I bet in his dreams, its teething cookies that come out when he nurses, not milk.

Before you think otherwise: this love of the cookie isn’t because he’s teething and they help to ease the pain in his gums. No, he just loves to eat cookies. We’re pretty sure that if you traced our family history, a big, blue, furry monster with the same affinity for round baked goods would turn out to be Jeff’s long lost cousin.

Anyway, as much as he LOVES him a good cookie, he only ever gets them after his dinner. Not because we’re all about eating healthy or anything; because we’re the parents and we earned the right to say ‘no cookies’ if we feel like it.

So, he’s happily trying to shove the entire cookie into his mouth at once, fighting Jeff’s attempts to make him eat more slowly. Ethan would get almost the whole cookie in when Jeff would try to pull the spit-covered thing back out, despite Ethan’s death stares and animal-like growling for touching him while he eats. Somehow he managed to outsmart Jeff and began to choke. His head turned bright red and he was silent, not even able to growl anymore (that’s when you know he’s really choking).

Jeff got him out of his highchair as quickly as he could and began hitting his back. Nothing. Drool mixed with soggy cookie muck dripped out of his mouth onto the floor and his bib. By this time, his head was crimson and he had tears streaming out of his eyes, and he still wasn’t making any noise.

Jeff continued to thump Ethan’s back hard and still nothing. After what felt like YEARS, he flipped Ethan over onto his tummy so he was lying on Jeff’s legs (as we’d learned how to do when a baby chokes). However, mid-flip, still suffocating, a gross concoction of snot-drool-cookie-tears pouring out of him, Ethan’s hand flung out and swiped at the other cookie sitting on the table. He can’t breathe, and he’s choking horribly, and he’s GOING FOR ANOTHER ONE.

I wonder what he would have done with cookie #2 had he actually gotten his little paws on it, all not breathing and leaking AND NEAR DEATH as he was.



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6 04 2006

I forgot to mention one thing: Ethan had himself so worked up that when he finally started breathing again, he was doing so really hard, through both his nose and his mouth. He breathed out his nose so forcefully that he shot a booger out which landed in the glass of water I was trying to get him to drink. It was pretty cool.

7 04 2006

awww…do you remember when he was born and he didn’t cry then either? of course you remember. that was the longest like 30 seconds of my life. tear.

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