Things that make you go…

23 03 2006

Hmm. We’ve lived here in Virginia (sans the mountain men) for a little over a month now. But I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t something strange going on here- something in the air that just isn’t right…

Exhibit A The MIA Clicker: STILL missing. Granted, we have not unpacked all the boxes yet; there are a few left in the laundry room, as well as a few in the storage shed that contain things like seasonal decorations, 42 boxes of yarn, etc. However, the moving service that packed up all our stuff in the first place assured us 27 times that they’d “been doing this for 35 years, [they] are the best, and [they] label all boxes very specifically to make it easier on [the owners].” Unless Ike and Honda, Movers Extrodinaire, packed the tv remote in a box with the Christmas lights, then something’s up. And it turns out “Go change the channel” is a command too complex for Ethan to grasp just yet. Enough already- WHERE IS THE REMOTE?

Exhibit B Strange Virginian Religion: Mead-filled-horn drinkers. Pound chests. Shout to sky. Big fires. What?

Exhibit C Toast with a Suicide Mission: Every time I toast bread, one slice ALWAYS flies out of the toaster and lands on the floor. Just one slice. Same toaster we had in Frederick; didn’t happen when we lived there. I’ve taken to placing a bowl on the floor beneath the toaster. It has saved us.

Exhibit D The Man Cupboard: There is a cupboard in the kitchen that is large enough to fit approximately 4 slightly hunched over adult-sized people. And it smells like vomit. And nothing I do softens the blow of being hit with a vomitous stench everytime I open it.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-Belvoir…



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