23 03 2006

*How freaking adorable would these look on Ethan’s big feet?!?

*Old news, I know- but did you know that Kara showed a mystery line at Olympus Fashion week? Here’s the explanation as to why we didn’t get to see it on the final episode.

*A fun, addictive boggle-type game I’ve been playing recently. Just make sure if you play to hide the chat log, because the players who (foolishly?) pay for a subscription to the site (you don’t have to pay to play, only if you want extra features) like to give each other clues for every single word, so that they can be sure to find them all. Isn’t that cheating? And what’s the point of playing if you’re just going to cheat?

*I have to say that these look nothing like the real thing (not liquid-ey enough). However, watch out for them at your baby shower in a few years, HR…

*I decided while I was pregnant that as soon as he was developmentally able, I’d begin teaching Ethan sign language. Now that he’s over 9 months old, I’ve finally gotten around to it. We’re taking it slow at first- we’re just working on “eat” and “juice” right now. So far, nothing. Teach yourself some basic signs for fun!

*Ever wonder if that creepy guy whom you’ve seen going through your garbage could ever actually do anything with the stuff he finds? So did this guy.



One response

24 03 2006

I was a little competition for Caley for Boggle. I think we would have to have the same word length requirements (I don’t need the handicap). Given I know she would beat me.

Those chocolates are too much. I think I would have a hard time eating it.

Sign language is great for soon-to-be toddlers. Some other great signs to start out with are milk and more.

I’m not sure if you are quite to the stage that “no, thank you” is said a zillion times a day. If so, its fun to change it up and sign it. And they understand it fast.

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