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13 03 2006

Ethan has now been with us in the real world for almost as long as I was pregnant with him!

Honestly, I was slightly worried in the beginning. I mean, he never did anything; he just laid there. And looked at us. And when he wasn’t just lying there looking at us, he was moaning. Not crying, mind you- he’s never really been a cryer. No, our kid moans. And the only way to fix him used to be carrying him around sideways. Hey, whatever works.

Ethan Does Tricks

I can’t even remember how many times Jeff and I said to each other “I can’t wait till he can do stuff.” And now, to say that he can do stuff is an understatement. All it takes is showing him one activity, and the next day, as soon as he wakes up, I will go into his room to find him doing what I’d shown him yesterday. It’s creepy. It’s like he never went to sleep- he stayed up practicing the command Mommy had given him the day before, ALL NIGHT LONG. Admittedly, I have said to him “Ethaaan, do you want to eat? Okay, do this trick first and I’ll feed you.” I assumed he knew I was kidding.

First, we showed him how to blow raspberries. Then, it was on to showing him how to shake his head “no”. We moved on to crawling after that, but that one’s going to take some time. A couple of weeks ago it was “Dance!” He now dances better than his mother AND his father (not difficult, I know). And a few days ago, he learned to clap his hands.

I LOVE watching him do this, because he gets so excited that after a few claps he can’t contain himself and his hands just begin flaily wildly everywhere (sometimes he accidentally hits himself in the face). However, I DON’T LOVE when he decides to clap just as the spoonfull of sweet potatoes and turkey is two inches from his face and gets caught in the middle of said clap. Not pretty.

Ethan Says

Today I said “Ethan, say ‘ma ma’.” He looked me right in the eyes and said “da da” with such confidence and authority that I almost believed I really was dada. He’s that persuasive. I would say that perhaps this is an indicator of his future career as a salesman, or a politician, but I know that’s not true. I took an online quiz (“What’s your baby’s claim to fame?”), and it told me Ethan is destined to be either a writer or an artist. I gotta believe that’s fairly accurate given English was once my major, and his father’s an awesome artist. Who knew those online quizzes were so smart?

Things Ethan is Too Good to Do

As I mentioned, though, he’s still refusing to crawl. And I can’t blame him. Why crawl when Servant #1 and Servant #2 will just carry his royalness anywhere he wants to go? Also, still not drinking out of the sippy cup. Not even trying. Doing a terrific job of banging it into things, though. And, still adamant about not growing hair anywhere on his head other than the long ones in the back. I think he’s trying to bring back the mullet.

Ethan Shops at the Big & Tall Store

His head, though… Yeah, that thing’s a-growin’. It got up into the 70’s all of a sudden this past week, so I started taking Ethan for walks again. I had to search for a hat that fit his gigundo head first, though, and found, out of 23, 2 that fit him. Most of the ones that don’t fit were, of course, sized 3-6 months. However, a good deal of them were sized 12-24 months. What is that about? But it isn’t just his head that is so big: the heels of the socks I just bought him, sized 9-12 months, slip down into his arches exactly 12 seconds after I’ve adjusted them, every single time. Yet I keep adjusting them… That’s ok, Ethan thinks I’m just tickling his feet and he likes it.

Ethan and his Toys

He likes his toys, sometimes, but he’d MUCH rather play with garbage. My expired coupons, used napkins, candy wrappers, you name it. I recently caught him playing with his dump truck. First he feigned shock, giving me a look that said “What the devil is this? A silly truck? With a face on it? How did that get in my hands? Who put this there? It’s not mine, if that’s what you’re thinking. It must be the monkey’s.” Then he was embarrassed and vowed not to let a mistake like that happen again.

Ethan Isn’t a Baby Anymore
Just today Jeff and I were discussing how much we miss his little baby farts. What happened to his baby farts? He used to have them ALL THE TIME. They made me giggle. I would even go so far as to say that the way in which he managed to look so innocent while letting them rip inspired me.

It’s getting slightly more difficult with each day that passes for me to look at Ethan and see not the tiny, yellow baby I brought home from the hospital but instead a little boy, quickly on his way to becoming 7 feet tall (and STILL being carried around everywhere by his servants). I miss that warm little baby body that didn’t squirm whenever I tried to hold onto him to keep him from growing.

Alas, he rarely ever farts and only occasionally ever poops anymore (are we sure he’s OUR son?…). My baby is growing up! Monday we start our Kindermusic class, and he’ll probably ask me if I can just drop him off so he doesn’t have to suffer the humility of being seen with his mother.

Watch Ethan grow month by month here.



One response

13 03 2006
Ethan's Oma

How do you think I feel, only seeing his majesty once a month ? Don’t worry about the farts though, he’s saving them for later, like when he’s 4 and it’s the quietest part of the church service, or maybe just when he gets older and can make his girlfriend smell them and then laugh his head off……like his Daddy. Oma can’t wait to see you, baby !!

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