A Day in DC

12 03 2006

A beautiful day this past weekend inspired us to get out and enjoy the weather. After locating the closest Metro station (only 10 minutes away), and Ethan’s first experience with public transporation, we found ourselves at the National Zoo.

But that didn’t last long. We quickly learned that Jeff isn’t, to put it mildly, fond of crowds consisting of 97% children, nor is he fond of large crowds of people in no hurry to get anywhere. After the hippo, the elephant, and the zebra, we decided it’d be best to leave (otherwise one of those whiny little kids who don’t look where they’re going when they walk would have been injured in an “accidental” stroller stampede). Besides, Ethan was paying more attention to his hands and how loud he could sing “da da da ba ba ba” than he was to any of the animals.

So we headed over to the mall where we had a picnic lunch, enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company and watching some (very serious and competitive) people play ultimate frisbee. Ethan got to feel the breeze as he had his first outdoor diaper change, took off his socks and wiggled around, and even stuck his hand in the dirt.

I can’t imagine a better way to spend a day.



One response

12 03 2006

i love that photo of him with the washington monument in the background. though you can’t tell that’s a hippo in the one above it.

be sure to check out the flickr page for higher resolution photos of our day out!

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