What’s the deal?

10 03 2006

Look up above. No, not the date, higher… No, no, right above the title… Yes. Right there. What’s that say? Go ahead, sound it out… YEP. Atomic Family. Family. Meaning, a group of closely related people. I would think that word would imply that this blog has multiple members of said Atomic Family who are authors.

I would be wrong. Including this one, I have written the last 18 posts. 18! In addition to posting over here. Why is that, you ask? I can only answer that it’s because I have to do everything around here. Sigh. The laundry (if I want it folded right and not shrunken), the cleaning, the cooking…

I can forgive Ethan. I mean, he IS only 9 months old. He can’t actually type (this comes as a shock to some, I know; in case you’re confused, he dictates his posts to me), plus he does have a pretty hectic schedule. And besides, he told me he’s been getting something together in his mind for a few days now, and he’ll have me type it up for posting soon.

But Jeff… oh, Jeffrey. Really. Unlike your son, you are capable of using both hands at once. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

I feel much better now.



One response

10 03 2006

i don’t see what doing the laundry has to do with posting to the blog.

you’re right though, it’s supposed to be a “family” blog and i haven’t been keeping up my end.

i’ve had some idea’s in mind that i’ll start working on. you’ll see more of me, mark my words.

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