Another year

7 03 2006

From being a bald eagle to being an “infinity head”, to giving my poor Care Bear “a bath”, to throwing peas and flushing steak, all the way to working and becoming an aunt, you’ve really grown up!

Happy 23rd Birthday, Cristey!

also born on your birthday:
Willard Scott (72)
Wanda Sykes (42)
Taylor Dayne (41)
Rachel Weisz (35)
Laura Prepon (26)



6 responses

7 03 2006

Happy Birthday!

7 03 2006

Jeff do you every work? You seem to respond to Caley’s blogs very quickly.

Happy Birthday Cristey!

8 03 2006

yes. i work ever day. i just have insider information.

8 03 2006
Ethan's Oma

Happy Birthday to my favorite (former) bald eagle……( I thought she bathed a cabbage patch doll ? )…oh, the stories we could tell….anyway, you have come a long way from catching birds and chasing Honey Nut, to chasing OFF “old guys” that want to keep buying you shots !

8 03 2006
auntie cristey

thanks guys!!! by the way, i didnt chase honey nut, he followed me!!! and it WAS a cabbage patch doll. i think. thank you for the good birthday wishes!!! 🙂

9 03 2006

ok, let me set the record straight:

you gave the care bear a bath. you only washed emma’s (the cabbage patch doll; she has a name, people!) hair (she was never fully submerged, as the care bear was), which allowed water to get into her head, thus causing her to grow mold in it later on.

glad that’s cleared up.

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