Choosy moms choose…

6 03 2006

Your best friend and mine, Dave is everybody’s favorite hacker. Got a computer problem? Dave can fix it. Got a hankerin’ for something with chili? Dave’ll take you to DQ and order you up a foot long chili dog. Want to hear something funny? Just listen to Dave say “do it”, Starsky-style. Need your back cracked? Dave will… no, he won’t, nevermind. But ANYTHING ELSE, and Dave’s your man.

A little known fact: way back in the day, Dave and I used to date. Luckily, we were able to move past that and remain friends. I was recently reminded of something Dave used to say to me when this story hit the news.

I am a true lover of peanut butter and believe no food exists that would not taste delicious were it to be covered in PB. Dave, on the other hand, is “allergic” to peanuts, and, as I recall, not only would not kiss me if I’d consumed it in the last 24 hours (and he could tell, too… I’m not sure how, but he could… must have been some kind of extra sense God gave him to make up for the misfortune of never getting to experience a PB&J sandwich on Wonder Bread), but wouldn’t let me come within an 8 foot radius of him. AND wouldn’t let me touch anything he owned. AND wouldn’t let me RIDE IN HIS CAR.

I always thought he was overreacting. Apparently, so did his own mother, whom I’ve heard try to convince him to “just try it, David… I bet you’re not allergic anymore. C’mon, just a taste…”. Then I read the story about the teenager dying, allegedly after kissing her boyfriend who’d had “a peanut butter snack.” I thought, Hmmm, maybe Dave WASN’T off his rocker…

THEN I saw this a few days ago.

I will continue to think he’s overreacting. We still love ya, though, David Lee Ross!



4 responses

7 03 2006

dave, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

click me!

7 03 2006

how about I give you a more up-to-date picture..


7 03 2006

hahahaha! why, i love that photo. flashin’ your gang sign!

12 03 2006

1. i also have that super power — the one where i call tell if there has been PB within a ten foot radius of anyone in the past 24 hours. i was born with it and i thank god for it every day. 😉

2. another little known fact from back in the day, i used to date jeff and i also, although not allergic, would not let him anywhere near me when he had PB (which he loves and which is why life makes so much more sense now that he’s with caley — this is probably why dave and i should marry as well…).

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