Tiny Dancer

1 03 2006

Jeff and I had a baby so that in a few years we would have someone to do our bidding… someone to refill our drinks, someone to fetch us the remote, someone to take out the garbage. We knew molding him into such a person would take some work, so we’ve begun his training early, and with some simple tasks. We say “Dance, Ethan, dance!” And dance he does.



5 responses

2 03 2006

Thank you for that baby fill. I was going through withdrawl. I love babies dancing. Once he can dance, he will bounce to any and all music. It is great! So can he crawl??

2 03 2006

Nope. Still working on that.

3 03 2006

My favorite is when we catch him dancing when he doesn’t know we’re watching. 😉

7 03 2006

I keep rewatching that video. Funny!

12 03 2006

see, i found a much simpler way of achieving this goal of my own personal slave…it’s called a sibling and she answers to “bug.”

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