VA or Bust!

11 02 2006

Two days ago, the great state of Virginia welcomed the Adams family as its newest members. When I think of Virginia, I think of hills and mountainpeople and old men with harmonicas and moonshine. This should be awesome!

Well, so far no mountainpeople and no moonshine. So far no awesomeness, either, unless you count the fact that the “hotel” we are staying in has cable (it’s military-run guest lodging featuring a pet spider for each guest, free of charge). And even though we are now a mere 15 minutes outside of DC, we haven’t done anything more fun than visit the zoo here on the base- a zoo they like to call ‘the commissary.’ I lost Jeff and Ethan while we were there and had to have them paged over the loudspeaker.

Right now we’re wasting away, rotting our brains with the free cable and waiting for the killer snowstorm to hit. We first heard of the storm when we were still in Frederick, from the movers who were packing up our 8,000 pounds of possessions (not an exaggeration- we seriously own that much crap). And, oh, those movers… What to say about Ike and Honda? No one is smarter, and no one has ever bred smarter children. One of them was convinced that I was the spitting image of either Gwyneth Paltrow or Kirsten Dunst- two people who do not look alike in any way. Ew.
Busting at the seams.
Despite Honda’s need to talk until I made up stories to get away, they did a great job getting us packed up in one day, and the truck loaded up the next. They almost didn’t make it- it was a tight squeeze fitting our stuff on the truck. So tight that one mover had to kneel down and hold the stuff in while the other one pulled the door shut real fast. But they managed, because, you know, they’re just so smart.

We got to Fort Belvoir Thursday night, and by Friday afternoon we already had housing. This time we’ll be in an apartment (which I wasn’t too thrilled about). It’s hideous from the outside, but pretty nice inside, and even has brand new carpeting. Ethan will (hopefully) be crawling soon and I like the idea that he’ll be honing his skills on carpeting that hasn’t been broken in by unknown feet.

Friday afternoon Jeff called the transportation office to set up delivery of our stuff. They put him on hold, and after a half hour of elevator musak, Jeff had had enough. He hung up, and called back, only to get a busy signal. Same thing 15 minutes later, an hour later, and this morning. Looks like they put him on hold and then left for the weekend! That means another couple of days at the Ritz. But, don’t feel bad for us- Jeff (who has yet to put the remote down since getting out of the shower) has been flipping through the channels and has just come upon Can’t Buy Me Love! Things are looking up. I can deal with killer snowstorms, spiders, and no food when there are 80’s movies to be watched.



2 responses

11 02 2006

Haha, I am sorry to hear about the hard run in, but don’t worry guys, it will all work out. If it makes you feel any better i will be back there soon in about 3 months going through worse stuff because I won’t even be on post, lol. I will definitely stop by to visit you guys as soon as i get settled in and all. Good luck till then!

11 02 2006

Just be thankful you don’t have to do the move with a baby! Let us know when you’re back- you’re welcome to come visit anytime! And good luck to you, too 🙂

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