Cheap thrills

6 02 2006

Awhile back I mentioned something about searching E-Bay for a dummy Xbox remote for Ethan. I couldn’t find a dummy one, but I did find a seller offering just a normal one, which I bid on and won (it was cheaper than buying one in a store).

Now fast forward almost 4 weeks. The darn thing STILL hadn’t arrived! It finally got here today, and I realized why it may have taken so long when I saw the unfamiliar packaging. It was shipped from freaking Hong Kong.

Anyway, Ethan loves it, as we knew he would. For some reason, our kid loves to play with Xbox remotes and tags (yes, the little labels on all things fabric featuring sizes and wash instructions) more than anything else. Wrapping paper, his shoes, and lotion bottles rank pretty highly, as well.

At least he’ll make a cheap date someday.



2 responses

6 02 2006

Ethan you are funny!

7 02 2006

Isn’t he? OH, and I forgot to mention the coasters! He is obsessed with René’s coasters. He literally took one to bed with him.

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