On the catwalk, yeah

2 02 2006

So Jeff DID work his magic for me, as I knew he could. He downloaded the first episode of Project Catwalk yesterday, and we watched it last night, immediately followed by the Project Runway episode we missed last week, also immediately followed by last night’s new episode. It was an evening of Project Runwalk, if you will.

I got the feeling after watching the first episode that Elizabeth Hurley can’t believe her life has been reduced to hosting a reality tv show. I mean, c’mon- after the success of Serving Sara, surely she should be off starring in other such blockbusters, putting to use her phenomenal acting skills. She was barely seen at all in the show, there basically to greet the competitors, and then not seen again until it came time for the catwalk. As opposed to Heidi Klum, who really isn’t seen any more than that, but IS heard from, doing all the voice over stuff. Plus, Heidi just seems like she’s enjoying herself; Elizabeth looks like she could use a drink.

And since that first episode had to cram meeting the competitors and their arrival at the flat in with the first challenge, all in 46 minutes, I’m not sure if I got an accurate portrayal of what each show will be like. The whole thing seemed hurried, and there were way too many quick cuts from shot to shot. I thought that at least once the catwalk began, there’d be shots allowing you to see the outfit each designer created, but I was wrong. I think they realized they’d used up all the time they had discussing the important things like who in the flat was gay and who wasn’t (the young “puppy dog” isn’t gay), and who was creepiest (Shakeel; you could almost smell him through the TV), and that they’d better hurry up and devote the last 4 minutes to the catwalk. But like I said, they were trying to cram a lot into that one episode, so maybe next time I’ll get to see an entire outfit.

The show was definitely funny, though. I don’t know if I would say that it was funnier than Project Runway, but being European they do get away with a lot more. And, of course, they managed to put down Americans at least once (when picking their models, the last designer “got stuck with the only American model”- poor guy). And, as required by law for ANY British show, there’s a girl named Gemma. Or else they wouldn’t have been allowed to air it. Really.

My favorite part though was listening to the accents. The word “innovative” is my favorite. And it didn’t even matter that I was always a second behind in the dialogue, trying to understand what they’d just said (what is a ‘nutter,’ anyway?).

I’m pretty sure that only two or three episodes have aired so far, so we’ll soon be caught up. If you’re a true fan of Project Runway and wish you could get more of it, Catwalk’s a sufficient fix.

Next on the list: catch an episode of Footballer’s Wives.



One response

2 02 2006

Jeff’s $0.02: I also thought it was to hurried in the first episode. Not enough of the important stuff but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the “fluff” of non-designing goings on they added to the episode. Definitely has the British flavor to it and it made me miss living in Belgium watching the BBC and SKYone.

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