Auf Wiedersehen

31 01 2006

Stop by the Adams’ crib on a Wednesday night at 10pm and you’ll find us gathered ’round the TV. We’re huge fans of Bravo’s Project Runway (it’s lucky that one of the four channels we still get since getting rid of the cable is Bravo!), and we do our best not to miss an episode.

At the beginning of the season, Jeff and I each picked who we thought would win it this time- Jeff took Nick and I’ve got my money on Santino (I’m sure he will win, if not legally then because he’s eaten all the other competitors and so he’ll take it by default). If you caught last week’s episode, then you saw Santino’s little impression of one Tim Gunn. Today I came across Santino’s personal blog, which took me to an amusing link of a bonus video from that same episode, featuring Santino doing Tim Gunn doing Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.”

I also found out that there is a British version of Project Runway, called Project Catwalk, hosted by Elizabeth Hurley (which seemed to excite Jeff a little too much). Even though I absolutely love Project Runway, I would be willing to bet that Project Catwalk is just as dramatic, funny and entertaining, if not more so. The British versions of stuff usually are (example: The Office). However, without a Jay or an Austin Scarlett, I can never be a true fan. I’d still like to get my hands on a copy of an episode, though… Let’s see if Jeff can work his magic for me.



2 responses

1 02 2006

you’ll have to let me know if you get the british version and if it’s any good.

check this out! MORE JAY!

2 02 2006

jeff DID get Project Catwalk for me… but i think i’m gonna give my thoughts on it more than just a comment, so check back for a post lata.

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