Porkchops and Applesauce

24 01 2006

Baby foods come in some pretty strange combinations. Last night, Jeff was feeding Ethan a jar of Chicken and Apples. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? Its disgusting; tastes like (surprise, surprise) ground up chicken mixed into applesauce, with little chicken chunks throughout. YUCK.

“Just think,” Jeff said while spooning some of the nastiness into Ethan’s mouth (he spit a third of the jar back out anyway). “Some farmer somewhere got a little baby chick, raised him, then killed him and mashed him up, and now we’re feeding that dead mashed up chicken to our son.”

“So? I made chicken for dinner tonight. You’ll be eating the same thing.”

“That’s different.”

“How is that different??”

“I’m a MAN. I’m supposed to eat dead animals.”



3 responses

24 01 2006

you really have to watch what you say around this house. you never know when it will be posted on the internet for all the world to see.

31 01 2006
Ethan's Oma

yeah, you’ll really have to start watching what you say around your house for fear it will be REPEATED out loud by a tiny little person in front of, let’s say, everyone at church or Nana or some other unfortunate moment, too. ( i.e. ” Mommy look at that FAT lady !!” )

31 01 2006
Ethan's Oma

Kids are so much FUN !!!

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