Toothless Wonder

19 01 2006

Something strange is going on, guys. Something is making its home in my mouth- something little, hard and white. I’m not sure why, or what it’s for, or what makes it think I’ll let it stay there.

Mommy said it means that I’m “becoming a man.” She was almost in tears when she first noticed it today during my lunch of beef and carrots. But Mommy has proven before that she has no clue when it comes to babies.



2 responses

21 01 2006
Ethan's Oma

Ethan, what did we talk about last week ? Remember, about you growing up while I’m gone ? You can’t get older when I’m not there to see these things happening, ok ? Ok, I guess that’s unrealistic….sorry…you know how flaky I can be. Love you, Oma P.S. Don’t bite Mommy with that thing, Ok ?

21 01 2006
Ethan's Oma

Ok, don’t bite Daddy either. Sorry Jeff…I was just thinking of the whole nursing thing (been there, done that).

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