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18 01 2006

It’s everywhere; not only are the celebs all doing it (Valerie Bertinelli and Van Halen?!? Eddie Murphy?? Tear… Nick and Jessica? The sad, sad list goes on…), but it seems like everyone we know in real life is, too! Early this morning, Jeff and I were discussing the recent rash of Hollywood break-ups (which you know ALL began with Brad and Jen):

Me: How about Mike Meyers and whoever his wife was? Or Christina Applegate and her man?

Jeff: No, I didn’t know that!

Me: Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe?

Jeff: Yeah, I think I heard that one.

Me: Every day there’s another couple added to the list. The only people still married anymore are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Jeff: Did you know that Eminem remarried his ex-wife?

Me: The one he killed? Yeah.

Jeff (sighs): At least there’s still hope for the rest of us.



2 responses

18 01 2006

who do you know in real life that broke up? or do you know eminem and you’ve just never told me? cause if so, i’m never speaking to you again. you know how i feel about him…you don’t need to rub it in that he got back with kim. 😦

18 01 2006

in fact, i DO know the em (that’s what i call him). he asked me not to tell you that he and i are tight. something about you being a lawyer and him trying to stay away from the law or something.

he did say he thinks you’re cute, though 😉

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