1337 Mommy

17 01 2006

In honor of my first successful “hack” the other day, I want to share one of my new favorite blogs: Parent Hacks. This site is “a collaborative weblog of practical parenting wisdom.” My favorite hack so far, “Dummy Phones Keep Toddlers Busy,” has inspired me to search E-Bay (or some such site) for a dummy X-Box remote control. Ethan is totally amazed with Jeff’s; he’ll throw aside whatever toy he’s currently destroying when he sees it, and fall over flat on his face in his rush to reach it. The remote then, of course, goes directly into his mouth, hence our need to get Ethan his own.

Another hack I found interesting was a tip from a reader (“Email for the Underage”) who said that they created an email account for their newborn son as a way for friends and family to “share and remember the big transitions in his life.” I liked the idea and created one for Ethan (if you would like his email address, just ask!). Apparently, this is a trend that is catching on (thank you Doug for the link!). I don’t, however, see us purchasing “devious” domain names for Ethan as an attempt to keep “jilted exes” and naughty high schoolers from doing it first, as one woman mentioned in the article did for her daughter. Talk about paranoid.

Anyway, check out the site for some cool tips, or share your own- Parent Hacks encourages tips/ideas from its readers.



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