GTA: Liberty City Stories

10 01 2006

LCS logo After trading in my Gamecube, Nintendo DS, all my Nintendo games/peripherals, and some Xbox games just to get my hands on the Sony PSP when it came out, I was sorely disappointed by the lack of games that followed. For months my PSP was sitting on the shelf getting dusty because I had played out Wipeout and there weren’t any other games that really caught my eye. Enter Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

At first I thought GTA for the PSP would be a stripped down version of the PS2 version and really wouldn’t capture the true essence of the console game. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving when my sister-in-law let me try out her boyfriend’s copy of the game that I realized that this was hands down the best game out for the PSP.

Liberty City Stories is almost an exact replica of the original GTA III. Aside from a few mission changes, the addition of motorcycles, and some longer loading times, the game is a spitting image of it’s older brother.

I never beat the original GTA III because I played it for a week and a half straight, overplayed it, and got bored. That’s the beauty of having this title on PSP. You can pick the PSP up and in 30 seconds you are playing the game exactly where you left it. You steal some cars, complete a mission or two, and then turn it off. You come back an hour later (when your 7 month old son goes down for another nap) and you’re right back into the game. This is truly a portable title.

Grand Theft Motorcycle

I would recommend this game for any owner of a PSP (that’s old enough to buy it themselves, that is). Keep in mind that this game is rated M and for good reason. There is plenty of swearing and violence. But what do you expect from a game where the objective is to steal cars and and shoot down opposing gang members?



3 responses

12 01 2006

nice review. my favorite part was the way you make it sound like you only play your PSP when ethan is napping, instead of while you’re supposed to be taking care of him. 😛

12 01 2006

my favorite part is where you get all dad-like on us with the “if you’re old enough to play with the big boy toys.”

14 02 2006
auntie cristey

darren says your welcome for introducing you into the wonderful world of chaotic mayhem that is GTA. 🙂

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