New Year’s Goal

5 01 2006

2006 is here; made your resocraplutions yet? I’m pretty sure that I have never in my entire life kept a single resolution I’ve ever pretended to make. Last Saturday, while showering (which is when I, like my dear hubby, tend to do my best thinking– and which is also why we NEED to get us one of these), I decided that this would be the year all that changed.

My New Year’s Resoforreallution is to do my Carmen video at least twice a week. I have this issue of a preggy belly around my middle that has yet to simply disappear (I don’t know why- I’ve been wishing and hoping and praying that I would wake up one morning to find that it had magically vanished in the night; what am I doing wrong?) I’ve taken a great many steps in the right direction. First, I got the requisite too-small-for-my-lardo-butt, super cute, teeny bikini that I WILL FIT INTO come June. Perhaps I can hang it somewhere where I’ll be sure to see it over and over and over again every day, like next to the fridge.

I’m also using one of those free online calorie counter sites that help you track your weight loss and the calories you burn daily. I’m not looking to lose weight (as of 5 months postpartum, I was officially back at my pre-pregnancy weight- I ROCK!), but it is nice to be able to see how many calories I consume each day, and how many calories simple activities (like picking up a baby) burn.

In addition, I am now the proud owner of an exercise ball and a book of exercise ball workouts, as well as hand weights and strap-to-you weights. In a perfect world, I will somehow find the time on the days I don’t do Carmen to use my exercise ball. And I’ll just have to bundle Ethan up EVEN MORE than this to be able to take him for walks in the chilly weather, during which I will strap on my new weights.

And finally, I’ll do my best to eat better, blah blah blah. I may have gained a few pounds over the holidays (I’m not 100% sure of this, since I’m too much of a wuss to go near the bathroom scale at the moment), but my goal is to get back on track and return to my no-pop, lotsa water, triscuits-and-granola-bars-before-chocolate-and-cheesecake diet.

Standards a bit too high, ya think? Let’s see. Today is January 5th. How’s the resolution going so far? In five days I have:

-done Carmen once.
-used the exercise ball a big fat 0 times.
-taken 0 walks, with or without weights.
-had a day where I craved nothing but sandwiches and ate 3 in a one hour time period. For breakfast.

But last night was the worst. I started off well with my Ensure Healthy Mom Drink, and continued to do a good job throughout the day. But by the time dinner came I was so FRACKING STARVING that I was ready to kill if I didn’t get my food fast enough. I warned Jeff before we got into Panera that I was going to order 2 BIG SALADS (true, it’s salad and salad is good for you, but these salads are ginormous) for my meal. Instead, I ordered one and licked the plate clean, BEFORE I finished off Jeff’s soup and bread, BEFORE I made him go order me another BIG SALAD to go.

Sigh. Stupid resocraplutions.



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