Happy New Year!

31 12 2005

We spent our first New Year’s eve with a baby bar hopping all over Frederick, introducing Ethan to the world of pick-up lines, stale peanuts and “I Have Never” (not surprisingly, he was really good at that game, since the only time he drank was when we said “I have never puked up a squash ball”).

I made that up. In reality, we just sat around, eating Papa John’s and playing Scattergories (which, by the way, Hallie is just as good at as Ethan is at “I Have Never”; for the letter “A” and category “Words that end in “-ly”, Hallie answered “highly contagious.” Hallie blames the mudslides, but I wonder if maybe she wasn’t sneaking something a little harder from that flask we all know she carries in her purse…).

At one point, missing cable television, I said “Hey, we can’t even watch the ball drop at midnight!” To which Jeff replied, “That’s okay- I’ll just download it. We can watch it tomorrow.”

And you know we will, too.



2 responses

1 01 2006

Caley fails to mention that the day before she put chicken in the oven without turning on the oven. : p

1 01 2006

i left that out on purpose… highly contagious. HA! 😛

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