Snow Day!

9 12 2005

Ethan\'s first snow!
What could possibly be better than waking up at ten to six in the morning on Friday and finding out it has snowed the night before and that the entire city is shutdown? Nothing! (Except maybe if the same thing happened on Monday morning.) We got about three to four inches last night and the whole city shutdown.

Growing up in Erie, PA has provided me with my fair share of snow days. Although they’ve been few and far between, and NEVER this easily obtained. I remember waking up in the morning before school and hoping that school was cancelled because we got six inches ON TOP of the eight inches we already had. No such luck. You could be thankful if they gave you a two hour delay while they plowed and salted the roads. C’est la vie.

No complaints here. We’re loving the day off, sleeping in, playing in the snow, ordering chinese, and watching “Scrooged”. Happy Snow Day!



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