Wrong Number

8 12 2005

Last night I answered what I thought to be my cell phone.


“Is Jeff there?”

“No, sorry, you have the wrong number.”


“Okaaay… thanks.”

As soon as I’d hung up, I thought to myself what a wierd coincidence that the wrong number to my phone would be asking for someone named Jeff, when, oddly enough, my husband’s name is Jeff. Hmmm… I looked more closely at the phone and realized it was actually Jeff’s cell phone.

Let’s look past the fact that I answered Jeff’s phone thinking it was mine. But WHY DID I SAY ‘WRONG NUMBER’? Could I not have said ‘Hold on, I’ll go get him’ and gone upstairs and given him my phone? What is wrong with me?!?

Clearly, I’m an idiot. But not as much of an idiot as this woman.



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