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30 11 2005

Ethan looking cute.
The other day while I was resisting being put down for a nap, I got to thinking about the blog and how it’s been forever since I posted on it (I’m a lot like my father in that respect). So, to fill you all in, here’s a little update on what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks.

I’m growing like a weed, as people like to tell me (mostly the old ones). If you come visit me, I’ll probably be naked. Don’t take offense to that; it’s just that Mommy can’t keep up with finding clothes that fit me.

One thing that’s been taking up a lot of my time is some tricks I’ve been working on. So far I’ve mastered two, and they’re good ones. In the first one, I wake up from my nap and lie in my crib making cute baby noises so that Mommy knows I’m awake. Then, all of a sudden, I stop- I remain completely silent until Mommy comes to check on me. By this time I’ve covered my head with my blanky (not the rest of my body, as this allows Mommy to see how still my body is). And I stay completely silent and immobile even as I hear Mommy running to see what is the matter with me. She must really like this trick, ’cause when I’m done (in other words, when I start moving again and stop playing my morbid death game), she always picks me up and hugs me real hard.

My other trick is more complicated but less deadly. Oh, and it requires me to be wearing overalls. In this trick, Mommy has put me down in my crib that she KNOWS has nothing in it except for me, my binkifier* and the blanket underneath me. Before she comes to get me, I very stealthily slip the binkifier into my pants. It drives Mommy CRAZY looking for that thing. The first time I did it, I even heard Mommy mumble something like “I must be pregnant again… I KNOW IT WAS HERE… where could it have gone???”

Mommy and Daddy bought me my first snowsuit. It is hideous. Mommy bought it extra big so it’d be sure to fit me through the winter. They tried it on me the other day and had a great time laughing at me till they were in tears.

In his high chair for the first time
On Thanksgiving, I sat in my high chair for the very first time. I think I’m still too little for it, though, cause I keep slipping down underneath the tray, and sometimes I end up with one foot sticking out the top. But I’ve noticed that in the one week I’ve been using it, I’m already getting better at sitting up by myself.

Thanksgiving also brought me some new flavors. Daddy tried to feed me cranberry sauce, which I found to be below my refined tastes. It gave me the headshakes, and rather than swallow it, I just left it in my mouth to deal with later. But rather than give up, Daddy tried again later on to feed me something new. This time- pumpkin pie. Absolutely disgusting. I spit that crap right out onto Daddy’s shirt.

Another big development is that I’ve begun talking. Yes, I know that technically I should have mastered that skill BEFORE the one I’m currently practicing (typing). But whatever. I can say one word, “da da,” and I say it all the time. Sometimes I like to shake things up and say “da da da da da da da.” And occassionally I’ll yell it as loud as I can. My parents are so proud.

This last thing isn’t really a developmental milestone or anything like that, but I thought it might amuse you all to know that one time when Mommy was changing my diaper, I pooped in her hand. Twice. Hehehe.

*Editor’s Note: binky + pacifier = binkifier



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30 11 2005

If you have Ethan sit on the wood part of the chair, my suggestion is putting the non-slip cupboard liners between his bum and the chair. It has worked wonders at work. We used to have missing children issues too.

1 12 2005

1. way to go on the tricks. love it. you rock. can’t wait to see them!
2. always good to throw / spit things on daddy’s shirt. good job. knew i could count on you. ;o)

1 12 2005

actually, i went one step further than the cupboard liners (which was a good suggestion, by the way)… i bought a foam cushion and covered it by sewing a piece of vinyl tablecloth to it. that way, it doesn’t slip, ethan slips less, and it’s easy to wipe clean. i’m so crafty 😉

2 12 2005

i was just looking at that picture of ethan again (the one at the top of the post with the green overalls)…and he has never looked more like jeff to me than he does in that picture. weird.

2 12 2005

i agree… i think when he was first born, he looked so much like me that you’d have thought jeff had nothing to do with creating him. but every day he looks a little more like jeff’s child, and less like mine. weird.

2 12 2005

he did look like your little mini-me when he was born. and he still does for the most part, but that picture is all jeff.

2 12 2005

thanks for the compliments, girls!

3 12 2005

wait, who said ethan looked cute in that particular picture? ;o)

13 12 2005
Ethan's Oma

What on this earth did I do that was so good for God to bless me with the most absolutely gorgeous, amazingly beautiful, and bright baby He could find in all of heaven ? I’m in love….or is that obvious ?

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