Tiny Bubbles

22 11 2005

colored bubbles
I was impressed before I’d even read the article; all I had to do was stare at the picture in awe, and it was as if some childlike fantasy I didn’t know I’d had was suddenly realized. This guy actually invented colored bubbles! And they’re not like, weak-looking “yeah, this one’s kind of pink-ish… I think… if you look at it in the light… and squint one eye…” These are bright, vivid colors. And I can’t wait until Ethan is old enough to want them.

The inventor, Tim Kehoe, worked on this idea for over ten years (of one experiment, “I got it making a really cool bubble, but it could’ve killed somebody,” [Kehoe] recalls. “It ate through clothes.”) before he finally succeeded in creating colored bubbles that, when they pop, leave no trace of the dye behind. They’ll be available in stores early next year, marketed under the brand name “Zubbles” and sold in a very unique way: “The bottles are shaped like little bubble characters. Each color has its own name and personality—Zilch, the villain in black, is a favorite among boys. Girls prefer the pink Zilli.”

Check out the article… It’s lengthy, but very interesting and worth your time.



2 responses

28 11 2005

why wait till ethan’s older!?!? i want them now!

30 11 2005

i tried the bubble thing with him in september, but he only had eyes for the ‘wand’ thing. he didn’t even see the bubbles.

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