Dora The Explorah

14 11 2005

Dora the Explorer
Conversation in the church’s nursery:

Seemingly quiet mom of two year old toddler: “Your baby is so cute. How old is he?”

Me: “He’s 16 weeks.

Quiet: “He’s really cute.”

Me: “Thanks.”

[awkward silence for a few minutes]

Quiet: “What’s his name?”

Me: “Ethan. What’s her name?”

Quiet: “Trumpet.” (It wasn’t actually trumpet, but it was something just as ridiculous and I can’t remember it… whatever it was, it reminded me of a horn instrument.)

[more awkward silence]

[enter way-too-perky other mom, with other two year old girl in tow]

[two year old #2 starts talking]

Quiet: “Wow, she speaks really well. Trumpet can only say three words, and they don’t even sound like words.”

Way-too-perky: “Well, she just started talking. This is new.”

Quiet: “Still, I’m impressed. How old is she?”

Way-too-perky: “She’s 25 months. And yours?”

Quiet: “25 months. What’s her name?”

Way-too-perky: “Sarah.”

Quiet: “Does Sarah like Dora? My Trumpet just loves her.”

Way-too-perky: “Oh, yes. Sarah has the Dora dollhouse.”

Quiet: “Trumpet has that. Trumpet also has the Dora slippers, and every single Dora video.”

Way-too-perky: “Sarah has the Dora comforter, and Dora coloring books, and Dora plush, and Dora kitchen set. Oh, AND the Dora slippers.”

Quiet: “Trumpet does, too. Trumpet has all of those. Plus she has Dora t-shirts and the Dora backpack and the Dora machine GUN and the DORA NOOSE and THE DORA SWITCHBLADE AND THE DORA RATPOISONAND DORADORADORABURNDORADIEDORADIE..”

Yeah, I couldn’t believe that last part, either. Although I may have heard it wrong because I had to leave the room or I was going to puke on Dora. Oh, wait, there was no Dora in the room. I mean, I was going to puke on poor Trumpet.

I’m so glad I have a son and not a future Dora worshipper.



3 responses

14 11 2005

yeah, but instead you’ll have a bob the builder worshipper or whatever’s cool among toddlers now — i am probably not up to date on the current trends. and we all know that i will not help, cause once ethan has something to worship, i’ll be the one buying him the t-shirt, the video, the machine gun, the bowstaff, etc. ;o)

16 11 2005

i think toddlers these days like the wiggles. not my boy, though. especially if have don’t have cable. he’ll have to like… um… i don’t know. what will he think is cool if he doesn’t watch tv? ooh, maybe his mom…

17 11 2005

yeah riiiiight. now, his aunt rene? maybe…

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