The Mommy Club

9 11 2005

Baby Jogger
Maybe the sun was in their eyes. Maybe they took a vow not to speak to anyone they don’t know on Tuesdays. Maybe they’re just blind. Maybe my freaking adorable baby intimidated them with his freaking adorableness. Whatever the reason, those 3 mommies with their fancy-schmancy I-only-own-this-cause-once-upon-a-time-I-was-going- to-get-back-in-shape-but-we-all-know-I-never- actually-meant-it runner’s stroller things* (I bet they have a name… and I bet I’m not going to bother learning what it is) snubbed me.

I briskly passed them with my Walmart I’m-not-even-going-to-try-to- kid-myself-cause-we-all-know-I’ll-be-sporting-this- chunky-post-baby-look-for-awhile (you and me, Brit… you and me) regular person’s stroller, I desperately tried to make eye contact with them. If I could just establish eye contact, then it’d lead to a hello, and then maybe an “Aw, your baby’s so cute! How old is he?” followed by perhaps an exchange of baby tips and who knows, maybe they’d let me join their secret mommy club (do you see why I used the word ‘desperate’ earlier? Jeff is cool but so are other people. I miss other people).

Bundled up
Anyway, they ignored me, but whatever, I’m over it. However, today during our walk, Ethan and I came upon another mommy group, this time sans their ultra-hip jogger strollers, and this time in greater numbers. Approaching them I decided I’d not let this meeting end like the last, and once again did my best to make eye contact. The first mommy was busy (very frighteningly) disciplining a child, the second was bent down pretending to tie her shoe or stubbing out her cigarette or something, and the last three were engaged in conversation. I figured they were my best chance and very obviously looked at them and smiled. Nothing. Interrupting their conversation, I loudly said “Hi!” in my most friendly voice. This time one of them slightly turned to her eyes toward me, then quickly returned to her other mommy friends and continued her conversation about sippy cups, or the leg warmers she was wearing, or something equally as lame.

Whatever. I don’t wanna be a part of some stupid secret mommy club, anyway.

*Note: Not one of them was running.



One response

14 11 2005
Ethan's Oma

Those $#*&^!@ brats don’t deserve to know, let alone even look at, a mommy as cool as you or a baby as beautiful as Ethan, and they know it, that’s why they hide their eyes in shame as they walk by you.

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